29 - 30 March

Bruce Mason Centre




is ahead of us, behind us and on each side of us.


is in every place we go.


plays high school rugby and THE ONE serves us coffee


holds cardboard signs in supermarket carparks and gardens next door.


They are world changers & wanderers, pastors & prison officers. They live on the streets & live next door They go to playgroups & design our cities They guide us & they bother us. THEONE. is everywhere we look.   Our worlds are made up of friendships, families, communities, crowds and masses yet God sees THEONE. The entire history of humanity is a love story of a compassionate Father who would warrant an all-out search and stop at nothing for THEONE. – for us.   So as we gather together for EquipHer 2019, we do so with zeal and purpose. To intentionally stop and see 'THEONE'. To be stirred with love and mercy for each ‘one’ that walks across our path.”


//// Speakers.


Shane Willard is a highly in-demand international speaker, teacher and motivator. Willard adds a depth of insight to his teaching through the application of rabbinical training, teaching the context of the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective. Hilarious and entertaining, Willard shares the message in an impactful and engaging way. We're so blessed to welcome him to EQUIPHER '19.


//// Prices.



Price jumps to $115 on 29th March



Price jumps to $75 on 29th March

Groups. 5+


Expires 28th March