The definition of flourish is “to grow/develop in a healthy way, especially as a result of a friendly and pleasurable environment.” To flourish means to thrive, prosper and blossom. These definitions encompass the heart of Flourish; which is to create an environment that invites our girls to fall more in love with Jesus, to encounter Him personally and to learn more about God’s Word and how it is relevant in their everyday life.

Our theme for Flourish this year is BOLD & Brave; where our girls will learn what it means to sit at the throne, stand in front of their heavenly Father and walk towards their God-given purpose and destiny. We cannot wait to host your girls for a weekend that will change their lives and invite them to live a life that is marked by boldness and bravery that will change their worlds. 

Flourish runs alongside Equipher.



Bruce mason Centre

The Promenade, Takapuna



Open to girls ages 5 - 12

Flourish will run alongside EquipHer conference.